Friday, March 18, 2005

A list of very short musical lists

No, not my top 20, 50, 200. I'm going for the hard categories, with only 1 entry (or so).

Metamusic (songs about songs)

1. Good songs with "Rock'n'Roll" in the title
.... and the winner is Bowie "Rock'n'roll suicide"

2. Good songs with "Radio" in the title
...and the winner is Elvis Costello "Radio radio"

3. Good songs with "Music" in the title
...and the winner is Heart "Love me like music (I'll be your song)"

Good songs about Sarah
None (see below)

Good songs about Sara
Tie: Fleetwood Mac, Dylan

Meisterworks (Concept albums where the concept is worth having)
...and the winner is Pink Floyd "Wish you were here" [and NOT "Dark Side..." or "The Wall"]
runner-up Neil Young "Greendale"

Live albums better than studio versions
...and the winner is Dylan "Live 1996 Manchester Apollo (The "Royal Albert Hall Concert")" (extra points for snappy title)
runners-up Nils Lofgren "Night after night" , Wishbone Ash "Live dates"

Double albums without padding
... and the winner is Dylan "Blonde on blonde" [duh]
runners-up: can't think of any

Blog lists without padding
None - oops

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