Thursday, May 12, 2005

I grew up in the 70s

and so I know some odd things:

  • that Elton John was bald

  • that Abba was/were crap

  • that punk meant an end to manufactured bands and corporate rock

  • that flares were a bad idea

  • that Richard Branson was a cool iconoclastic maverick

  • that only diehard hippies would use the word 'cool' unironically

  • that George Lucas made good films

To quote a Brinsley Schwarz song of the time:
"It's been so long since them days, And time makes its changes in so many ways"
(Nick Lowe, "Nervous on the road")


sarcastrix said...

I remember when George Lucas made good films.

But they still had bad dialogue.

martin said...

It seems endemic- maybe that's because in Hollywood writers are seen as barely-necessary evils. Did you hear about the would-be starlet who was so naive she slept with the writer? Although I must admit that when I checked some of the clunkiest lines in Lord of the Rings, I found that they were Tolkein's fault.

Cheryl said...

And the whole era was kickstarted by Michael Jackson, pre nose job, singing a love song to a king rat for the movie Ben.

martin said...

I could have said that I can remember when Michael Jackson was black!