Thursday, May 12, 2005

The obligatory Google search post

Not all of the visitors here planned to come- some must have been very surprised where they ended up.

Here's a selection of the search terms:

love inspirational poetic lines
inspirational verse
inspirational song words
How desperate for inspiration you must be to put it into Google!

speeding getting caught
tut, tut, a bit late now

andrew motion poetry horrible
tell us what you really think!

blowing in the wind vietnam song
no, it isn't- the US had only just got into Vietnam in 1962, and it wasn't until 1965 that it became a major focus for protest.

commentary of The Warning by Adelaide Crapsey
you don't think that maybe this is for an essay? If so, I'd start by looking at a grammar book under "on" and "of" - which is which.

consumerism illusion
"The Illusion of Choice"
Glad someone agrees.

gwyneth lewis +poem +millenium
Hope they got what they wanted!

You want obscure? I can do obscure.

The odd thing is that having got a mention on a search results page, the link looked close enough to what they were after for them to click on it. Go, as they say in America, figure.

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