Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The need for speed?

The government is thinking about including controls on speed-camera-detectors in the next Road Safety Bill. Apparently, thousands of drivers are worried enough about being caught speeding that they'll pay several hundred pounds for a device that fits to the dashboard which will warn them of the speed-checking radar signals used by the cameras.

My car came with a device already fitted which stops me getting caught speeding. It's called a speedometer.


sic said...

They outlawed radar detectors here.

martin said...

So now they can catch people using radar detectors. Maybe they can use a radar detector detector. Luckily, someone else'll come up with a radar detector detector detector, until that too is outlawed.

What I find odd is the outrage of the caught drivers, as if this were some bolt from the blue rather than a predictable outcome of their actions.

But then, I haven't been caught yet!