Saturday, July 23, 2005

All about meme

1. Why did you start blogging?

I realised that I was only spending 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen, and was hoping to double or triple that.

No, I started blogging as a creative outlet. I had always felt that I would like to write a weekly column in a newspaper or magazine, since I discovered early in life that I was blessed with large numbers of strong opinions and the desire to share them with an audience. Although I had found platforms for various bits of technical writing, there was still a gap.

2. Are the reasons you blog now the same as when you started? If not, what's changed?

Pretty much. I take writing more seriously. I never really planned to do the daily journal "had cornflakes for breakfast" thing, but I am keener to exploit the freedom of the format to include interesting/funny websites I come across and silly jokes alongside more serious and considered pieces.

3. What would make blogging better for you?

More readers. More comments. Reading blogs like Monster Sarcasm Rally, the Hot Librarian, and Poetic Acceptance, half the fun is the regular commenters and their dialogue with the author.

4. Do you have comments on your blog? Why or why not? Do you comment on other blogs? What motivates you to post a comment?

Yes, at the moment, although I hate spam comments. I like to have debates about what I've written. Sometimes, I get things wrong. Shocking, huh? I comment on other blogs when I can think of something relevant, clever, and funny, so not that often. I occasionally comment to dispute something really wrong-headed, but I try not to get into it. I can't single-handed save Western democracy from its defenders. I don't comment much on poetry because I find I have to think about and re-read a poem before I get a grip on it.

5. What is your philosophy of the blogroll?

I don't have time to surf the blogosphere regularly, so I just have hard links to my 'daily fix' blogs. If I have time, I follow the blogrolls from them to my other favourites. I have to discipline myself to stop reading and start writing. But the more linking-in the better.

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