Saturday, April 02, 2005

Martin Amis of Sunnybrook Farm

Although he likes to sound world-weary and deeply cynical, Amis is fundamentally optimistic in what seems a very old-fashioned way. Why? Because he believes that vacuum cleaners can be repaired. And that people can be found to repair them (albeit shoddily). Wake up and smell the coffee! Oh, the coffee machine's been chucked out because it doesn't work anymore.


sic said...

If you put your old junk out on the sidewalk, in the middle of the night faeries will come and carry it away.

It's true; I've seen it happen.

martin said...

Perhaps I underestimate the power of optimism: there do seem to be people who believe that other people might throw away stuff that works.

Erin said...

You'd be amazed. We cleaned out the storage building last week... a broken lawnmower, an old couch, sans cushion, a rusted out car jack... all gone before the garbage men came!