Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hypatia's Loss: new poetry collection online

A collection of my poetry was available free from Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry under the title 'Hypatia's Loss'; the site has now closed, so I put the file somewhere else but that has closed too.

If you email me at mlocockATgmailDOTcom I will send you the file.

It is in pdf format, and can be viewed online or printed off; it is designed as a 38-page A4 booklet.

The contents include a parody of T S Eliot:
"Outside I hear the tramcar sound its mournful bell/
As night enwraps the street and tucks it in/
At half past four the dark descends/

and limericks on philosphy:

"In the writings of Freidrich Nietzsche
Morality doesn't much feature
My classmate soon fell
Quite under his spell
And proved it by killing the teacher".

More seriously, there are retellings of Classical and Biblical stories which draw lightly on ancient sources to explore contemporary moral questions.

It takes its title from Hypatia, one of the witnesses of the burning of the Library at Alexandria , and is structured to bring out the message that the preservation and use of past knowledge is essential to the enjoyment of present freedoms.

In keeping with my declared passion for clarity, the poems are written in a spare and simple style, with only rare excursions into mystical and lyrical language.

(don't you hate people who say that?)

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