Friday, July 21, 2006

Another blogger gets dooced

Petite Anglaise is the latest victim of blogging at or about work. It's not entirely clear on what grounds her employer sacked her: general loss of trust seems to be the line. This is partly because they claim that her blog revealed that she had not given the full reasons for her absence on two occasions. The hysteria of their response is reflected in this: in any other circumstance, an employee would be asked to explain themselves, rather than sacked outright. After all, there is no reason they should be taking the blog as the truth. It is interesting that the fictional case in my radio play Dooced got it so right, down to the creepy sexism of the male managers (not that that requires the skills of Nostradamus). Of course, blogs do frighten people, not least because they know that whatever they say may be used and given in postings, with whatever spin their employee wishes to place upon it. That's also why company hate tribunals: usually they have very tight control on what emerges into the public domain, but you never know what sort of dirty linen or DNA-stained dresses might turn up in the course of public questioning.

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