Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rescued from Twitter-blivion

I like Twitter as a way of pasting ephemeral jokes and comments, but the timeline having writ moves on and nobody ever sees them again, limiting the audience to those awke at the time.

So here's some old tweets:

  • English cricketers deny match-throwing allegations. "We really were that crap, honest" said the team spokesman.
  • Old HTML / coders never die: they just / degrade gracefully
  • Bob Dylan to publish second volume of autobiography as e-book: fans brand him Judas
  • every arts centre is the same arts centre
  • every local newspaper is the same local newspaper
  • The first rule of Mime Club is you don't talk
  • I'm trying to finish my study of the Moebius strip but it's never-ending.
  • PENSIONS MINISTER make the Pensions Time Bomb more interesting by calling it the pensions timey-wimey ball
  • My wardrobe is full of clothes waiting for them to get back in fashion and me to get back in shape. Not happening.
  • The emergence of evolutionary psychology as a specialism shows that at some point in the past making lazy generalisations was selected for.
  • Although olive oil spread brand-name Bertolli sounds Italian, it's actually named after the inventors, Bert and Ollie Baxter of Accrington.
  • I have to keep re-watching Memento because I can't remember how it ends.
  • Whoever decided to call a metal hair attachment a 'fascinator' must have a very low boredom threshold.
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